Superstorm Sandy Wreaks Havoc on East Coast

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At least 17 people in seven states are dead in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Over 7.5 million homes and businesses are without power and 14 states are under a state of emergency.

In Washington D.C. federal and local government buildings will remain closed Tuesday along with courts and public schools. The subway and bus system will be running at 2 p.m. It will run a limited service Tuesday and will be back to normal for the Wednesday morning commute.Widespread cancellations are expected at the region's three major airports.

New York authorities say it could take up to a week to completely restore power to millions of people. That is because high winds damaged the electrical system. There is also no time table for restoring subway service. The governor's office is reporting five storm-related deaths.

There's a blizzard warning for a large part of West Virginia as snow and high winds blow over Appalachia on the edges of Superstorm Sandy. Authorities have closed more than 45 miles of Interstate 68 on either side of the West Virginia-Maryland state line because of blizzard conditions and stuck cars.

The U.S. stock exchanges say they are testing contengency plans to ensure trading resumes as soon as possible this week. U.S. markets are closed for a second day today, but the New York Stock Exchange says despite reports that its historic trading floor suffered irreparable damage, no such damage has occurred. The contingency plans are being tested as a safety measure.