Suit: Saudi Mistreated After Clements Death

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DENVER (AP) -- A Saudi national who was denied a request to serve out the remainder of a Colorado prison sentence in Saudi Arabia is suing the state prison system, alleging mistreatment following the death of prisons director Tom Clements.

Colorado Department of Corrections officials say they placed Homaidan al-Turki in protective custody following Clements slaying because of media attention. Al-Turki's transfer request had been denied by Clements a week before he was shot and killed outside his Monument home March 19.

In a lawsuit filed in Denver Monday, al-Turki says he has been denied phone contact, kept in administrative segregation, and allowed to meet with his attorneys only in handcuffs and shackles.

Al-Turki attorney Hal Haddon alleges that Clements had approved al-Turki's transfer in January but attempted to reverse himself in March following public outcry.