No Charges Against Substitute Teacher

Colorado Springs police say there are no charges against a substitute teacher accused of injuring a student. Their investigation is complete and the department is turning over their report to the district attorney's office.

A 12-year-old boy said the substitute at Galileo School in District 11 hit him. The boy went to the hospital Thursday afternoon. His family says he had badly bruised ribs.

The alleged incident happened at Galileo School in District 11 Thursday afternoon. The boy's father, Anthony Vargas, told 11 News he was having a hard time concentrating on work after his son told him he was injured at school.

“I was upset, I was mad, it’s not right,” said Vargas.

He said he was shocked to hear that his son was reportedly hurt while at Galileo. The boy says a substitute teacher forced him out of his chair.

“He grabbed him from behind and my son said he had his arms up on the desk, so he grabbed him underneath his arms by his ribcage, and bear-hugged him, is what my son basically described it as,” said Vargas.

We spoke with Lori Estrada, the boy’s aunt. She says another teacher witnessed the altercation. She says the teacher reportedly threw her nephew to the ground and then punched him.

“I’m very upset, very sad that this occurred and really sad that none of the parents were notified. I think this is a big deal and that parents should be aware of what’s going on in the district," she said.

The seventh grader says he doesn't know why the teacher came at him.

Devra Ashby, a spokesperson with District 11, says the substitute teacher is still on unpaid administrative leave while the district investigates.

“Any time any type of allegation is made where a student is impacted, we take these allegations very seriously. We consider our students' safety our very top priority,” Ashby said.