Study: 200,000 High School Students Nationwide Bring Weapons To School

Threats of violence in schools seem to occur almost daily across the country, and statistics from a new study do nothing to quell concerns.

Researchers, using data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, say about 200,000 high school students in the U.S. bring weapons to school.

The researchers say the students carrying weapons are generally victims of bullying, including in the category students who had property stolen, had been involved in a fight, or had been threatened or injured with a weapon. Of those bullying victims who brought weapons to school, 6 percent nationwide took a gun.

Researchers said that the worse the bullying for the teen, the higher the likelihood the teen carried a weapon to campus.

Twenty percent of high school students nationwide told the CDC in a 2011 survey that they had been bullied at school within the previous year.

Those who conducted the study concluded that parents and administrators needed to be mindful of the potential threat to school safety that both bullies and their victims could pose.