Study Launches Flood Discussion, Mitigation Efforts

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As we prepare for flooding season, the city just released the findings of a study focused on specific problem areas and how to manage debris.

The study identified four major watersheds that are impacted. Those four are Fountain Creek, Camp Creek, Douglas Creek and West Monument Creek.

We’ve seen how quickly floods can move tons of debris and the devastation they can leave behind. In today’s meeting, officials discussed several different ways the problem areas could be mitigated.

The city of Colorado Springs recently announced more than $7 million in emergency watershed protection funds will be used on private property and nearly $9 million on public lands.

The Department Of Emergency Management says the mitigation work will be extensive, but we're told that work has already begun.

In collaboration with Pueblo County and the city of Pueblo, Colorado Springs will spend nearly $46 million stormwater control projects.
The study came at a cost of $425,000 - $50,000 of that total was paid by the city of Colorado Springs.