Students Suspended After Protest

Some students of a Colorado Springs high school were suspended from school Tuesday for taking part in a protest.

Students at Wasson High School organized a walk-out protest Tuesday morning to express their frustration with a proposal that could possibly shut their school down. Earlier this month District 11 proposed the school closure as part of a plan to realign the school district. While the decison is not final, many students tell 11 News that they are upset over the proposed plan.

"I feel angered. I feel that District 11 has basically given up on us. But we are in this fight and we're going to let them know that we are not happy about this and we're not going to let this go away,” said Wasson High School student, Eddie Chavez.

A district spokesperson confirmed Tuesday the students who participated had the option of coming back to school and not face suspension. 14 students chose not to come back and were suspended.

Bates and Lincoln Elementary school are also on the chopping block. Another community meeting will be held Wednesday night at Wasson High School from 6-8pm. The public is welcome to voice their concerns at the meeting.