Students Shoot Rifles For Class

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Colorado has strict rules against guns in the classroom, but on Wednesday, students were taken to the gun range to learn about them in a safe environment.

This week, a non-profit organization called "Project Appleseed" is teaching students at PJ Craver Middle School of Colorado City an American history class about marksmanship skills. They actually took the students to a shooting range in Avondale to try out rifles.

State coordinator of Project Appleseed, Jim Heat, helped organize the class.

"The country used to be a country of rifleman, that's what we were known as. We kind of lost that. We are trying to rebuild that tradition," said Heat.

Heat said Project Appleseed doesn't teach hunting or self-defense during the shooting portion of the class. Instead, they teach marksmanship or the ability to shoot well.

Keegan Bradley is a eighth grader at PJ Craver Middle School. "You can't use handgun, because that's not what they used in the Revolutionary war, they used muskets," said Bradley.

Another eighth grader, Shawnte Mitchell, said, "Guns are part of early history because they help in the wars that helped make our country."

Project Appleseed's Colorado chapter is part of a nationwide effort to educate kids on how to use firearms safely.

"Our goal is that they have an appreciation for firearms, the respect for them and that they want to learn more," said Heat.

Project Appleseed hosts classes like this regularly around the state. Coming up in April, classes will be held in Ramah, Boulder and Grand Junction. The next event in Pueblo will be in May.