Students In Crosswalk Hit By Cars

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One local school district is telling 11 News this is the worst year they have seen for accidents.

Three students have been hit by cars in just the past two months outside Palmer High School.

The speed limit says 30, but often drivers going past Palmer High School are going faster. Every day hundreds of students file out of the building and into the streets.

Julie Salisbury is still trying to grasp what she saw at lunchtime on Thursday: a student hit and pinned under a car bumper.

“To see her lying in the crosswalk underneath the car, that's just so upsetting,” Salisbury explained.

A spokeswoman for District 11 says in all three accidents since the school year began, the drivers were at fault.

Palmer High School is downtown and has an open campus, where students cross the street more often then other high schools. But Salisbury says drivers need to slow down in all school zones.

“Just a few extra minutes of your time and paying attention can save a lot of grief and heartache," Salisbury said.

District 11 says they may try to work with police to see if they could get extra patrols near the school.

The student hit Thursday was taken to the hospital but she is expected to be okay.