Students Forced Outside In The Cold

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Parents and students tell 11 News they are outraged that a school made students wait outside in dangerously low temperatures after school Friday.

"You don't even throw animals out in this cold," seething father Ray Abeyta told 11 News.

The temperature in Pueblo climbed to 13 degrees Friday afternoon, with a windchill of negative 2. Abeyta said his sixth grader had been outside for 10 minutes when he got to Cesar Chavez Academy.

Cell phone video shot by Abyeta's daughter Joleen shows a school employee ushering students out of the building amid protests from the kids that it's "too cold."

Employee: "Let's go, let's go."

Student: "We could die out there, it's cold."

The district superintendent acknowledged that the students were sent outside when the area where the kids wait for their parents became too crowded, but he said they were only out there for a few minutes. He also argued that the school would not put their students at risk.

"We assure our parents that safety and security of our students is paramount. We don't put students at risk or jeopardize their safety. I feel confident that there were not students at risk at any time."

Abyeta disagrees. He said it's outrageous to tell kids to wait outside for their rides in such cold weather, even if just for a few minutes.

"It's don't do that. I know if she [the principal] has kids she wouldn't have thrown them outside. It is uncalled for.

I just want them to get the message. Not to throw kids outside 'cause they can get is not right."

Abyeta said he plans on speaking with school officials on Monday. In the meantime, he hopes they are already rethinking their actions.