Student Sick After Eating Pot Brownie

A Colorado Springs high school student is recovering after eating a brownie laced with marijuana.

According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office a student brought the brownie to Air Academy High School this morning.

Administrators found out about it after a female student got sick from eating the brownie and had to be taken to the hospital.

A district 20 officials say she did know the brownie she was eating had marijuana in it.

11 News talked with licensed sellers of medical marijuana who say there is a potential health risk linked to marijuana meant to be eaten.

"It can be very, very potent,” said John Williams who works at the Organic Seed dispensary in Colorado Springs. “There's a lot of different potency ranges and a lot of different types."

Williams went on to say someone who eats a large concentration of the active ingredient in marijuana in something like a brownie could experience some illness.

“They look delicious and who knows exactly what’s in there,” he said about products that could be circulating outside of the regulated industry.

Investigators say they have identified the student who brought the brownie to school, but have not said what charges the student will face, if any.

District 20 officials say in addition to any legal charges, the student will also face disciplinary action from the school.