13 People Displaced After House Fire

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Flames ripped through a home on Monterey Road in Colorado Springs around noon on Christmas Eve. Thirteen people scrambled to get out.

The Anderson family captured the chaotic scene on their cell phone.

“It’s was a huge fire. The flames were taller than the house,” Karen Anderson said.

Another neighbor, Steve Travis, saw the smoke and ran across the street as he called 911.

“The flames were over the roof. I could feel the heat on Monterey,” Travis explained.

Neighbors told 11 News they heard what sounded like an explosion. They say the homeowner was on oxygen. We captured the dispatch conversation between first responders heading to the scene.

Dispatcher: “I'm getting a report of some possible, some sort of an explosion in the basement of Monterey Road."

Luckily the people inside got out in time. Fire crews battled the blaze for an hour. The damage is extensive. The living room is now a charred mess.

“There's two young children that live there. My heart is just breaking for those girls. It's such a sad situation they have. And to have it be Christmas Eve of all days, to have something like that happen, it's just devastating,” Anderson said.

Four adults were rushed to the hospital with minor injuries.

The exact cause of the fire is under investigation.