Strong Local Reactions To Connecticut's Shooting

Parents leave a staging area after being reunited with their children following a shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. (Credit: AP)

It doesn’t matter where you live or how many miles away, the news of the school shooting in Connecticut impacts you.

"It brings me to tears, it's just really painful to think about because they're kids,” said Palmer Lake resident Marina Lariva.

"Devastation, absolute devastation; my son is in kindergarten, most of the kids that were lost were kindergartners,” said Springs mother Rachel Pudi.

Parents here in Southern Colorado are reacting to the heartbreaking news out of Connecticut.

And our law enforcement is speaking up about security closer to home.

Colorado Springs Police Chief Peter Carey had a heartfelt but strong message in a Facebook statement he posted in reaction to the shooting.

The goal was to reassure parents about his officers' training and to talk about what they plan on doing next.

With school shootings all too familiar in Colorado, many parents are wondering about security in our own schools.

“I think there should be some kind of security, like daycares, everybody has their password, then they can go in,” said Silbia Coss.

Carey said in a Facebook statement he wants the community to know that his officers are highly trained for active shooter situations like the one today.

And that training is one of his priorities.

He adds that in the next few weeks, he’s directed his officers to become even more proactive and visible around our schools.

“This is clearly an ongoing issue that keeps happening not just in schools, but around the country. So I think it should be done, something needs to be done,” said Pudi.

Some parents we talked to are afraid that the increased presence alone won’t be enough.

They want to push for security checkpoints at schools or even stricter gun control laws.

Here is the link to the Chief’s full Facebook statement:

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