String Of Burglaries Investigated East Of Colorado Springs

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Smash and grab bandits are at work and have stolen at least one gun in a recent string of break-ins.

Investigators said Wednesday the crimes happened in a neighborhood in Falcon off of Meridian Road just west of Highway 24.

People who have lost property include a firefighter who spent days battling the Waldo Canyon Fire.

There's a hole in Danny Miller's SUV and an ache in the firefighter's heart.

"They took a $700 dollar laptop and some personal stuff," he said.

The laptop the thieves stole while he slept had most of his daughter's baby pictures on it, which can't be replaced.

"It's a sad deal and definitely needs to be taken care of,” Miller said.

Reports of break-ins began coming in early Monday. Within a three-day period, eight cases were reported. The crooks are breaking windows of locked cars and then grabbing whatever they can.

Investigators have no solid leads, but Miller has a simple request of his neighbors: watch for what looks suspicious and report it.

"If we come together as a community I think we could definitely put a stop to it."

A spokesperson from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office told 11 News investigators see this kind of crime start to rise as the holiday season nears. They encourage everyone to take valuables inside once they get home.

Anyone who knows who could be involved in the break-ins are asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 390-5555.