Police: Strangers In Minivan Offer Candy To 8-Year-Olds

A frightening experience for two children after police say they were approached by strangers offering candy.

Brittany Deere told 11 News her 8-year-old son and his friend were playing in her front yard in broad daylight when a blue minivan pulled up next to them. The passenger, described as a 15 or 16-year-old male, reportedly told the kids that they had candy in the backseat and asked if they wanted to take a look.

Frightened, the boys immediately ran inside, and the van left the area.

The parents told police that the teen passenger was a white male with tan skin, light-colored hair and braces. He was accompanied by an older male, who was driving. No further description about the driver has been made available.

The incident happened at 11 a.m. in the area of Vista Oaks Drive and Rockbridge Circle. The van was last seen driving south on Rockbridge.

Deere said she's never thought twice about letting her son and his friend play in the front yard, describing her north Colorado Springs neighborhood as "safe." She says now her son won't be allowed in the front yard without an adult around.

"Something bad could have really just happened, and so then it kind of got a little scary the more I thought about it," said Deere.

She told 11 News she's spoken to her son about strangers before, but has a new message after learning a teenager was involved in the incident.

"Anyone of any age that you don't know could be someone that could do you harm," she said.

Police are still investigating this incident. If you have any information that can help, you are asked to call police at 444-7000.