Stranger Punches Woman In The Face

A Colorado Springs woman has bruises on her face after a stranger punched her at her home in the Mountain Shadows area.

Anita Stevens says she pulled into her driveway on Ledgerock Ter. when she saw a man stumbling around a neighbor's house. She asked him what he was doing and he told her he was taking pictures of wildlife.

"I felt that he wasn't quite right, so I said, 'That's very nice,'" said Stevens. "I was kind to him,"

The stranger walked away and she pulled into her garage, but when she looked back, he was there.

"I looked back and saw him at the end of the car, I have very good intuition and it said don't get out of the car," she said.

She did get out of the car and as soon as she opened the door, he punched her in the face then left. She was able to get into her house and call police. She wants other people to learn from her experience.

"I want other women to know, young girls to know, do not roll down your window and talk to any strangers no matter how harmless they look," Stevens said.

Stevens says the man was carrying a hanger and says he was so big he could have done more damage.

Police say he's an older white man, 5 feet 11 inches, 170 pounds. He was wearing a blue hooded jacket and green pants.

Police did try to follow his footprints in the snow, but say he got into a car and drove away.

If you have any information about who the man is you can call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.