Story Of Unlikely Animal Buddies Goes Viral

Credit: CBS/Animal Place
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It's the story of an unbreakable bond between two unlikely best friends whose equally unlikely reunion has gone viral.

Mr. G the goat and his female friend Jellybean the burro are truly inseparable, CBS Sacramento reports.

Where one goes, the other is sure to follow.

"He does not let her more than 10 feet," said Jan Galeazzi at Animal Place sanctuary. "His eyes are glued on her at all times."

The unlikely pair spent a decade in a 12-by-12 dirt plot with little food and water with no shade, shed or barn.

They were rescued from a life of neglect in Southern California, but they were split up and sent to different sanctuaries.

"What we didn't realize is the depth of their bond," Galeazzi said.

At first, she couldn't figure out what was wrong with her newest guest. Mr. G was healthy, but as a video shows, he was mired in deep depression in the corner of his stall and refused to go outside or eat anything for six days.

"He was basically starving himself to death and there was nothing I could do to make him eat," she said. "I've never seen an animal go on a hunger strike. He was quite dramatic."

Once she figured out Mr. G was grieving the loss of his lifelong companion, Animal Place arranged a reunion that brought tears to Galeazzi's eyes.

"It's like beyond words," she said "That's what we exist for as caregivers."

As Jellybean pulled into the driveway, Mr. G seemed to know it was her. His happiness was impossible to miss, and within 20 minutes of the burro's arrival, Mr. G was eating again.

If anyone doubts animals feel the same emotions humans do, Galeazzi says this unlikely love story is proof they do.

"He's never more than 10 feet behind her," she said. "He's never letting that happen again."

The goat and burro were being moved to Animal Place's main sanctuary in Grass Valley on Wednesday, with no plans to separate them.

WATCH (Video by Animal Place/First Spark Media):