Stories From Black Forest

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While the fire threat has lessened in Black Forest, the road back will be a long one. The last few days you've heard many personal stories here on 11 News where the homeowners were still in the unknown.

Wednesday night, we met the Hood family--all seven of them--as they tried to ignore the background of the Black Forest Fire from their RV in a parking lot.

While their neighbor's homes burned, theirs wasn't even on the red-green list. They were prepared to accept either answer. Late Friday they found out they were in the clear.

"I so want to go home," said Dana Hood. "I just so want to go home. I know it's going to be bad and traumatic seeing all of it. I'm ready to be home--even without electricity or power."

Thursday morning, we met Cindy Sobotka as she tried to negotiate a way to get past the line and to her family and horses. But to no avail.

"I just want to see my horses," Sobotka said.

Just this morning she was reunited with Lex, the black and white stallion and the horses. An escort officer along with friends took them to safer ground.

Back at the Hoods' second home this week--on asphalt. A change of scenery courtesy of their friends.

The plan was to replace the food table with a poker table, but wouldn't you know--the wind kept that from happening.

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