Store Owner Uses Social Media to Track Down Stolen Equipment

When Ryan Seybold found out that the skid steer he used to build his store with had been stolen, he wasn't happy.

"When you have something that you have as a family and you use it and somebody takes something, you're kind of upset about it," Seybold, the owner of Big Bear Wind & Liquor, said.

Fortunately the thief was caught on the store's surveillance cameras.

After sharing the pictures with Pueblo Police, he took to social media.

"We have a little over 6,000 people on our Facebook so what better place to use that as a forum to get the word out quickly," he said.

The response was great. As of Saturday the post had 67,000 views and more than 1,600 shares.

"Throughout the whole entire day we had people calling in and saying, 'Hey we see the jeep and the trailer,'' he said.

After giving each tip they got to Pueblo PD, officers called Seybold on Saturday saying they had found the skid steer abandoned in a field.

"When you have 70,000 people looking for you it's going to put a lot of pressure, the power of multimedia and Facebook is the wave of the future," he said.

The equipment is in the shop now after it was pretty badly damaged, but Seybold is just happy to have it back with the help of the social media community.

"Thank you guys very much, we appreciate all your help and hopefully we can catch the bad guy," Seybold said.

Police told Seybold they found potential suspect DNA on the skid steer when they found it and are continuing their investigation into the crime.