Stopping Car Break-Ins

The Colorado Springs World Arena has been getting hit with car break-ins, but they're not taking the problem lying down.

The World Arena and other stadiums are convenient places for thieves to hit because crooks know a lot of people will show up, and they can easily find out when they'll be leaving.

The World Arena has released safety tips for visitors, which include the usual advice, such as making sure doors are locked, and nice things are out of sight. They also recommend that if you put something in the glove compartment, do that before you park because a crook could be watching.

When managers noticed break-ins in their parking lot, they formed a neighborhood watch with nearby businesses that have also seen break-ins.

"If something happens at our parking lot, we'll call the surrounding buildings because those people that are out there doing these things, they're traveling form parking lot to parking lot,” General Manager Dot Lischick said.

Shoppers 11 News spoke with think the watch is a great idea.

"If people are watching and paying attention, it should help to stop,” Amy Yoesel said.

"It's a perfect idea, honestly,” Amber Ellsworth said. “I think if everybody got into it, it'd be a better outcome."

They hope it'll protect their cars by chasing away crooks.

"If you know you're going to be watched,” Jessica Hardee said. “Why would you do it?"