Stolen Truck Pulls Up Next To Owner; Couple Gets It Back

A husband and wife couldn’t believe their eyes. Their stolen truck pulled up right next to them as they were stopped at a stop light.

It was a shocking moment for Kim and Ray Lannigan.

"[I was] just driving down the road hoping to see my truck and I said it out loud as I was getting ready to come up to the light, ‘All I want to do is see my truck, that’s all I want,'” said Kim.

And they did. They backed up to make sure it was their truck.

“I was dumbfounded. You look over, and I’ve seen my truck a million times, but it’s like 'Are we sure it’s my truck, there are a lot of trucks like that,'” said Ray.

They backed up to make sure, and as soon as they saw the sticker in the back window they knew it was their truck that was stolen from a Walmart parking lot Sunday.

That’s when they sprung into action.

Ray says he got out and opened the truck door. His wife--despite a broken hand--pulled the female driver by her clothes and hair out of the truck and pins her against the door until police arrive.

“I said, 'Oh my God I can’t believe it’s beside us.' Then she [Kim] whipped in front of it...I opened the door and she pulled the girl out before she could put it in reverse and take off,” said Ray.

The couple tells us they are relieved to have their truck back and it could not be better timing. This was the last night borrowing a friend’s car. The next day they didn’t know how they were going to get around.

The couple says they don’t believe the theft was random, but might know who is responsible. Police are still investigating.