Man Allegedly Found With Stolen Mail Faces Judge

A man is facing multiple charges after police say stolen mail from dozens of victims was found in a vehicle associated with him.

Jake Cox, 27, stood before a judge for the first time Monday.

Police say Cox and 23-year-old Marie Low, also known as Marie Chaney, were involved in a disturbance on November 28. While investigating the incident, police say they came to believe the pair may have been involved in other crimes.

Officers say they found the couple's vehicle parked at a 7-Eleven on Centennial Boulevard two days later. When they contacted the couple, police say Cox was carrying someone else's ID card, prompting an inspection of the vehicle--leading to the discovery of dozens of items that didn't belong to either Cox or Chaney. Police say they found everything from driver's licenses to medications to debit cards belonging to at least 63 victims inside the vehicle. The mail was reportedly stolen from the Briargate and Rockrimmon areas.

Springs police have called in a U.S. Postal Service inspector to help with the investigation.

One of the victims spoke to 11 News. Lael Walters tells 11 News she had been waiting for a check from her church. It was sent a couple of weeks ago, but she never got it. She did, however, get word of the mail theft through her neighborhood watch. She says she appreciates the work of Springs police in regards to catching the crooks.

She is now weighing her options on whether or not to increase security when it comes to her mail.

"I guess we'll have to decide whether to do something about or not ... maybe something more secure," said Walters.

At this time, only Cox has been charged with crimes related to identity theft. Chaney was arrested at the time for an unrelated warrant. It's not known at this time if she will also be facing charges associated with the stolen items.

Credit: Colorado Springs Police
Credit: Colorado Springs Police