Stolen Comics Worth Thousands Of Dollars

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Rodney Matlack owns the Outer Limits comic book store in Pueblo. He’s been a collector for decades, but just opened the doors to his store in January.

He told 11 News someone broke into his comic book store early Tuesday morning and took some pretty valuable comics. Matlack said in total, he's lost nearly about $86,000 dollars worth.

Matlack said the crook or crooks, kicked in his door breaking into his store.

"(The suspect or suspects) cleaned out both my display cases. That one (case) they couldn't get into so they went someplace got a big old framing hammer came back and knocked a big whole in that one," Matlack said.

He believes someone or something scared them off before they were done.

"There was still a pile of books and stuff here from the office that they sat down and got scared and left," Matlack said.

Matlack said whoever’s responsible also took his “open” sign and hung it out front. He speculated, to make it seem as though it wasn’t unusual for people to be inside.

"They took a Flash #123 which is a high dollar book, they took a Fantastic Four #12 which is a high dollar book… the Batman #14 that's out there," Matlack said.

He now has people scouring websites, pawn shops, and other avenues hoping to spot his stolen stuff.

Matlack said he's grateful that a lot of his customers have been supporting him through this tough time, and he's hoping whoever's responsible gets caught.

Police told us they don't have a lot to go on, and the suspect or suspects are still out there. If you have any information about this crime or whoever is responsible, you’re asked to call the Pueblo Crimestoppers (719) 542-STOP.