Stolen Car Nearly Hits Family

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Police are investigating a crash involving a stolen vehicle.

According to Colorado Springs police officers, 24-year-old Antonio Reddell was speeding and weaving through traffic on Circle. Police say he then ran the red light at Circle and Union.

At that intersection a car traveling south on Union hit him, causing his car to spin and hit a truck at Fillmore and Union.

Once police got to the scene, they ran the plate and discovered the black Honda Civic Reddell was driving was stolen.

Reddell was taken to the hospital; we understand he was the only one hurt.

We talked to two witnesses who watched him blaze through traffic before the accident. They were on Circle stopped at the light.

"There wasn't anyone at fault in this except for the gentleman in the Honda, and it's scary to think everybody else was doing what they were supposed to have been doing and it could have been much worse," Julie Neddo says.

Her daughter was also in the car and says when the crash happened you could hear the sound of colliding vehicles.

"I heard this crash and all the glass going everywhere," Abby Neddo said.

The mom and daughter also say people were paralyzed with shock and couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"It was really scary and then everyone was freaking out and everyone just stopped."

Police tell 11 News Reddell faces numerous charges stemming from the crash and stolen vehicle, including driving with a suspended license and a charge for carrying a gun by a previous offender.