Stay Safe Shopping On Cyber Monday

It’s important to be cautious when shopping online this Cyber Monday, as it’s a time for scammers to take advantage of you and get ahold of your personal bank account information.

Millions hit the stores this Black Friday braving the crowds in order to get their hands on once-a-year deals.

“I go because you save a lot of money. It’s kind of hard with the crowds at the stores, but it’s worth it,” said Springs shopper Maryanne Parra.

In a few more days, millions more will hit up deals on their computer. According to a survey, more retailers than ever this year will offer Cyber Monday deals, in hopes of attracting the 72 million Americans who say they will do some holiday shopping from the comfort of their desk this year.

But it’s important to not type away too fast.

Here are a few tips for when shopping on-line from the Better Business Bureau:

-Confirm a website is secure before entering any information. Look for an “S” after “HTTP” in the URL.

-Pay with a credit card. It offers more protections than debit.

-Check statements regularly to make sure the only charges are ones you’ve made.

-Keep record of receipts and order confirmations with a designated folder in your inbox or with an app like “Slice.”

And if you plan on being on the go while shopping and want to use your smart phones or tablets:

-Don’t use public Wi-Fi only secure connections.

-Lock devices with a password so data is protected even when your phone or tablet is out of your hands

-Only use apps from trusted sources

While there are risks to shopping online, there are also incentives. The National Retail Federation says about four in 10 retailers will offer free shipping, with no strings attached.