State Troopers Injured In Two Crashes In Three Days

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The result of a crash on the south side of Colorado Springs Monday afternoon led the local office of the Colorado State Patrol to tweet, "Slow down! We aren't crash-test cars."

"The mission here is to eliminate these crashes," said state trooper Nate Reid.

Reid reports the crash happened as another state trooper was on the shoulder of Academy Boulevard near Bradley Road clocking speeders. An 18-year-old driver slammed into the cruiser, hurting himself and the trooper. Two days before, north of Denver, a similar crash killed a tow truck driver working outside his truck while he was clearing an earlier accident. A state trooper was also hurt in the collision.

"It frustrates me as a law enforcement officer. It frustrates my family,” Reid said. “My family knows I'm going out there and I'm going to stop cars and I'm going to be standing on the side of the road."

Colorado state law requires drivers to move over a lane or slow down when they see CDOT crews or any emergency vehicle, including tow trucks.

"I encourage everyone to take a second and if you see an emergency vehicle pay even more attention," Reid said.

Trooper Reid says it's more than a courtesy. It could save lives.

Both state troopers injured in the crashes are expected to recover. Any driver who fails to follow the Move Over Law can expect to get a ticket, Reid said.

Investigations into both crashes, including Monday’s, are still underway.