CSP: Careless Driving Accidents Involving Trooper 'Alarming' Trend

A driver going too fast for the wintry conditions Friday night caused a chain-reaction crash, according to Colorado State Patrol.

A state trooper was at the scene investigating an earlier accident and got caught up in the mess, State Patrol said, marking at least the sixth time since December that a trooper has been a victim of a careless-driving accident.

The accident happened at Bradley Road and Highway 21 just after 9 p.m. The trooper had responded to an unrelated crash, and was waiting inside his car for cleanup crews to arrive. CSP says a driver of a Subaru was going too fast for the road conditions, ran a stop sign and hit a Schwan's food truck. That food truck then hit the patrol car.

The trooper was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but is OK. No one else was hurt.

The Subaru's driver was charged with careless driving causing injury.

State Patrol says this is becoming an alarming trend, despite a law the requires drivers to slow down or move over for emergency vehicles. At least six times since Dec. 19, a on-duty trooper has been injured or a patrol vehicle struck by careless or impaired driving. State Patrol also says that during the summer last year, one trooper was seriously injured and tow truck operator killed in careless driving incidents. A second trooper during that time frame was less seriously injured.

State Patrol plans to address the issue in a news conference sometime next week. They shared the picture attached to the story asking drivers to be extra careful.