State Releases Fire Prevention Report

The Division of Fire Prevention and Control released a report of fire aviation Friday.

The report provides an extensive overview of wildfire resources and needs, and outlines improvements that could help possible future threats.

Included in the report:

• The report does not recommend that the state purchase air tankers.
• The report concludes that the most strategic allocation of resources focus attention and efforts on initial attack—the most critical time to locate and apply effective suppression response in the first few hours of a fire so as to keep it from becoming an out of control wildfire.
• The aircraft it cites as critical to this mission are 2 small fixed-wing aircraft equipped with modern fire-detection sensors to actively identify and locate small fires in high-risk wildland and wildland urban interface areas. (The recommendation is that these aircraft be complemented by other aircraft under use contracts)
• Implement a state-wide information management system that provides shared, collaborative, real-time information amongst all participants in Colorado’s wildfire management system.

The governor will begin meeting with legislative leadership to discuss the report, resources outlined and funding proposals to reach a collaborative, bi-partisan decision.