State Park Concludes Investigation Into Arrow Shot Into House

Park rangers have completed their investigation into the origin of an arrow that pierced a woman's house last month.

Jamie Gibson contacted 11 News in July after she found an arrow sticking out of her house immediately following an archery tournament at nearby Cheyenne Mountain State Park. She was concerned that the arrow had come from the newly-installed range.

"I don't think it was intentional. Before this opened up, we voiced our concerns about an archery behind a trailer park where there's kids and pets," Gibson told 11 News last month.

The park began an investigation after being notified of the incident, and have concluded that the arrow did not come from the tournament. But it may have come from another part of the range.

"The park's investigation revealed that it is possible that the arrow could have come from someone shooting within the park's 3D archery range, however, not from someone who was shooting at the stations as designed and following posted guidelines and regulations," Colorado Parks and Wildlife said in a statement.

The state park has decided to shut down Lion's Cache Trail, where the 3D archery range is located. The 3D targets will be moved to the field range, and the former 3D range will become a buffer zone between the archery range and the nearby residences.

"We want to be good neighbors and we want to provide the public with a unique opportunity to get out and enjoy this sport, so we're looking into ways we can do both," park manager Mitch Martin said.

The park has also stated that they are re-evaluating the field range targets, and will move or adjust the targets if necessary for public safety.