State Fair Employee Shocked On Ride

A State Fair worker was cleaning one of the rides when he says he tripped and fell onto a machine.

Then Frankie Trujillo said he felt bolts of electricity surge through his body.

"I was screaming at him to shut it off," Trujillo recalled.

11 News spoke to Trujillo from his Denver hospital room, where he is recovering after badly burning his hand. He was flown to Denver from Pueblo on Wednesday after the incident happened.

The bolt of electricity was so strong that Trujillo said a bystander who tried to help him was also shocked.

"A guy tried to pull me off and he got electrocuted too...he had to run and shut the whole machine off," Trujillo said.

Trujillo ended up suffering third-degree burns. Even though he's expected to be released from the hospital soon--when he spoke to 11 News Thursday afternoon, he thought it could be that day--it will be awhile before he can use his hand. Doctors do believe he'll eventually regain full use.

The State Fair is now looking into how this accident could have happened.