State Confirms Flu-Related Death in El Paso County

The total number of pediatric deaths linked to this flu season in Colorado is up to four, including one in El Paso County, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment reported Tuesday.

According to a news release from the CDHPE, as of January 12, the state has reported a total of 674 cases, from 36 counties, of people hospitalized with the flu. The report confirms the death in El Paso County along with another in Denver County.

“Anyone who has not already been vaccinated should do so now,” said Dr. Urbina in the news release. “It’s important to remember that people who have severe influenza illness, or who are at high risk of serious influenza-related complications, should get treated with influenza antiviral medications if they get flu symptoms – regardless of whether or not they got vaccinated. People who are ill with the flu don’t need to wait for a positive laboratory test to start taking antivirals.”

State officials say vaccinations are still available, and recommend starting by asking for one at your doctor’s office. If your doctor doesn’t have the vaccine, some may be available at grocery or drug stores. It’s best to check the store’s policy about giving the vaccinations before making the trip to get immunized.