Starlight Children's Foundation Hosts Easter Escape

Seriously ill kids and their families had a chance to escape the trials of their illnesses and focus on making fun Easter memories Saturday.

Around 200 kids raced as they collected over 2,000 Easter eggs at Wasson High School.

FCCLA students wanted to host the event there before the school closes.

Starlight Children’s Foundation of Colorado put on the event as part of their Great Escapes program. It’s designed to give families a chance to spend quality time together, away from the hospital.

“It makes everyday kid activities normal for them. Not every part of their lives is normal. Even getting out of the car to go to school is difficult sometimes. This just kind of rewards them and they get to have that special time,” said Yvette Kreb.

The program is also a time for families to relax and regroup in hopes they can go home with a renewed sense of strength and hope. And gives the kids a chance to do activities they otherwise couldn’t.

"With our special needs kids, they just can't, they get run over at regular Easter egg hunts and they just can't get eggs and it just ends up being a disaster usually. With Starlight, even my son who just had surgery on his hands can go out and collect Easter eggs, and it makes for a fun day for him and the rest of our kids,” said Kreb.

This was the sixth year for the Easter event.

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