Suspect Identified In Kohl's Standoff

Credit: Monument Police Department

Tense moments in a popular department store overnight, as an armed man holed up inside told authorities he was not afraid to get into a shootout.

Police say the scene began 20 minutes before midnight Sunday when the suspect broke into a car in the Walmart parking lot on Jackson Creek Parkway in Monument. When the man saw police arrive at the scene, he took off running for the nearby Kohl's.

The suspect, carrying a rifle and handgun, slipped into the store through the back door and hunkered down, refusing officer commands to surrender.

Employees, who were still at the store due to Kohl's extended holiday hours, were immediately escorted out as the entire store was put on lockdown. Monument police called for backup from the Palmer Lake Police Department, State Patrol and the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. EPSO provided a SWAT team and a crisis negotiations team.

For more than an hour, authorities and the suspect were locked in a standoff, with the suspect declaring he'd rather get in a shootout than go back to jail. Eventually, the suspect's mother got to the scene and provided officers with information that proved valuable for negotiating. The suspect eventually gave up and turned himself in, dropping his weapons before doing so.

The suspect has been identified as 29-year-old Gregory Brunton of Gleneagle. He was booked into the CJC on charges of first-degree criminal trespass, felony menacing, criminal possession of a financial device, prohibited use of weapons, theft and obstruction.