Wanted Man In Police Custody

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A wanted man is now in police custody. A S.W.A.T. team surrounded the suspect’s home for several hours Tuesday night, putting neighbors on edge. Some had to leave their homes for safety.

After surrounding his home for several hours, police arrested a wanted man.

It happened on Iowa and Boulder, just blocks away from the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs.

A S.W.A.T. team surrounded the home of 29-year-old Gregory Anderson for hours Tuesday night. They blocked off several streets as negotiators tried to convince the suspect to come out peacefully.

They used megaphones and a flash bang during their methods.

Investigators thought the man was inside, but it turns out he wasn’t.

It all started when Anderson’s landlord called police after he reportedly tried to evict him. The landlord told police he shoved him out of the way, and that he thought there were drugs inside the home.

When police got there, they found out that Anderson was wanted on a domestic violence charge of stalking. He reportedly violated a protection order several times.

Witnesses said he was inside the home and had a handgun inside the home. They also told police that recently he had been possibly suicidal.

Neighbors were on edge as officers surrounded the home with lights and cop cars.

One neighbor we talked to who lives behind the suspect’s home was watching as the S.W.A.T. team surrounded it.

He says it was nerve-wracking. He was not only worried about his own safety, but that of his nine-year-old daughter.

“It startled me; it started my nine-year-old daughter. She will probably sleep with us tonight. It’s nerve-wracking; my stomach is killing me, that is how sacred I am. Just not being informed what’s going on, being told to stay inside,” said neighbor Sterling Earl.

Police tell us they tried to reach the suspect on his phone for hours. He finally answered and they found out he was not inside the home. He agreed to meet with police, near Galley and Circle. That’s where he was arrested.