Stabbing Victim Banned From Broncos Games

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Mathew DeHerrera, of Pueblo, told 11 News the Broncos security team is now punishing him and his family for being victims.

He said he’s still recovering from the injuries sustained from his five stab wounds and to top it all off, he's now heartbroken they're banning him from the stadium for a year.

DeHerrera held nearly 100 ticket stubs from the past 8 years in his hands. He’s a passionate Denver Broncos fan and said he hasn't missed a game since 2005.

"How can you take away the thing that I truly do care about I'm almost willing to bet that when I got stabbed I was bleeding orange and blue that night," DeHerrera said.

His 100th game was on December 12, 2013, the night he, his brother, and a friend were stabbed in the stadium parking lot after the game.

"You never know, who would ever think that somebody would take a knife to a football game you know? That's where people go to enjoy themselves and to get away," DeHerrera said.

DeHerrera had several surgeries and a collapsed lung. He said he spent five days in the hospital.

Friday, he got a letter in the mail from the Broncos’ security team saying the three were banned from Bronco games for a year for being involved and starting the incident. Something DeHerrera said is all wrong. He maintains that’s not the case and that they were victims acting in self defense.

DeHerrera said the suspect responsible for stabbing him, his brother, and friend, instigated the fight after speeding in the parking lot, almost hitting DeHerrera’s car.

“I got out of my car to see how close he actually got because he was really close (to the car) and basically wanted to tell him to slow down. Not physically or anything like that, just let him know that you need to slow down. I get out of my car, I tell him slow down, at this point his exact words were I'll take everybody on one-on-one,” DeHerrera recalled.

He’s upset and frustrated, having already paid for tickets to Sunday’s playoff game; he’s wondering why it took so long for them to send the letter.

"Why would they send the letter two days before the game instead of two-three weeks before. They knew about this incident and I just don't understand how we could be banned as victims," DeHerrera said.

DeHerrera is hoping something can be done to change or reverse the Broncos’ security team decision.