Springs Utilities Not Anticipating More Water Restrictions

Credit: AP

Springs Utilities says a wet winter combined with community conservation efforts are expected to head off a second round of mandatory water restrictions.

Mandatory restrictions went into effect last summer due to the continuing drought, and were lifted at the end of the year. Springs Utilities is currently not anticipating reinstating them.

"Entering the 2014 irrigation season, snowpack in the Upper Colorado Basin, the major source of our community’s water, has increased to 125 percent of normal as opposed to 79 percent of normal this time last year," a spokesperson with the utility company said in a statement. "When snowpack melts, we expect that storage levels will be back up to 73 percent of capacity, or about 2.3 years of demand in storage."

Springs Utilities is still recommending people water no more than three days a week, stating it will help build on momentum from last year.