Springs Police Seeking To Cut Down Tailgating

Credit: AP
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Springs police will be turning their attention to tailgaters after some statistics came out about drivers in our area.

A recent survey ranked Colorado as the worst state in the country for tailgating. In response, police in the Springs will be conducting enforcement Wednesday directed at tailgaters.

Drivers following too closely could be ticketed with careless driving. That's a four-point penalty on your license and a $150 fine.

11 News talked to some drivers, who say they see tailgating around the Springs on a daily basis.

"There are a lot of people that are in a hurry and they do tailgate, trying to get you over into another lane...if you're trying to pass they try to get you back in the right-hand lane, just to speed you along," Bev Bodman said.

Police say that drivers should use the three-second rule in good weather--and double that to six seconds in bad weather. An easy way to see if you're three seconds behind someone is to pick a fixed object, like a sign, and when the car in front of you passes that sign count to three. If you pass that object before you get to "three one thousand" you're following too close.