CSPD Gives Out More Tickets For Fireworks Over 4th Of July Than Previous 2 Years Combined

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No matter where you were for July 4th, chances are you heard fireworks going off in your neighborhood.

Springs police say they had more firework offenders this Fourth of July weekend than they have in the previous two years combined. Fireworks are illegal within the Colorado Springs city limits.

Thursday, the Colorado Springs Police Department released the number of tickets issued for illegal firework use from July 2-5. Nineteen tickets for firework offenses were issued in that time frame, compared to eight in that same period in 2012 and just two last year.

Driving around town on the night of the 4th, we found a couple neighborhoods where people left their illegal fireworks right in the street, an indication that it could be a busy weekend.

While thousands packed in to Memorial Park near downtown over the weekend to watch the legal fireworks, police on the northwest side of the Springs said they had nearly 30 calls reporting illegal fireworks.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department focused on the west side and was called out to almost 40 homes. Including one near Cheyenne Meadows where investigators said a fire in the front yard was started by fireworks.

"I heard a loud boom and I sat straight up and I looked out the window and I just saw sparks flying up from the fireworks, up real high and out," one neighbor told us.

That fire was quickly put out and thankful no one was hurt.