Springs Intersection Wrapped In Plastic

A potentially dangerous prank was thwarted before it could cause any damage for drivers.

Plastic wrap was stretched across the roadway at the intersection of Circle and Van Buren in Colorado Springs, tied to a street pole at either end.

"I just hope they catch the person that did it," said motorcyclist Kevin Kline.

The plastic wrap was noticed early Thursday morning, and police were able to cut it down before anyone got hurt.

"It's one of those things you wouldn't necessarily be paying attention to, it would just happen, and that's the scary part," said Gary Perkins, who lives nearby.

Police tell 11 News the suspects could be charged with reckless endangerment or tampering with traffic signal devices.

It's not the first time pranksters have strung plastic wrap across a Springs roadway, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting drivers. In 2010, a driver was going through an intersection in the Briargate area when they actually struck the plastic wrap, cracking their windshield.

Five boys were later served a summons for criminal mischief after police say they admitted to the prank.

In the latest incident, no suspects have been found at this time.