Springs "Underdog" Now "Top Dog" at Westminster

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You might call him "Top Dog" of Colorado Springs, after a runner-up placing at Westminster.

Colorado Springs was represented well at the Westminster Kennel Club Tuesday night.

20-month-old Bugaboos Picture Perfect "Swagger" was picked as the runner-up at Madison Square Garden.

"Swagger" is owned and bred by Colton & Heather Johnson and Douglas & Michaelanne Johnson.

The Old English Sheepdog won the Herding Group before heading to Best in Show. He won "Reserve Best In Show" (2nd Place).

We're told he was also picked as People's Choice Best of Show.

His breeder, Douglas Johnson, tells us he was an "underdog" going into the competition.

Wednesday Swagger’s breeder came back to Sunrise/Woodmen Kennels with the dog’s awards.

Douglas Johnson, Swagger’s breeder and owner of the kennels says that Swagger was a “wild card”, because he is only 20 months old and has only been showed four times.

Douglas says his winnings were “totally unexpected”.

"It was very emotional. We were absolutely surprised and tickled to death.

Somebody captured a picture of us with her yelling and screaming with her arms swaying. Everybody around us was absolutely hysterical,” said Douglas Johnson.

Swagger’s owners, Colton and Heather Johnson showed Swagger in New York. Colton is the son of Douglas Johnson. The family was overjoyed with Swagger’s composure and awards.

He describes Swagger as a very special dog who is very well-composed for his age and lack of experience. He’s also known for being very lovable.

“He’s a licker. Everybody who came around with Swagger at Westminster Kennel Club, they got kisses,” said Johnson.

Swagger is now headed to Denver to compete in another dog show. He is expected back in the Springs on Tuesday.

But, Banana Joe was picked as America's top dog.

The 5-year-old affenpinscher with the monkeylike face and wagging tail earned his 86th best in show, a day before he was set to fly back to the Netherlands with his owner.

Also in the best-of-seven final ring were a German wirehaired pointer ranked as the nation's No. 1 show dog, an American foxhound, a Portuguese water dog, a bichon frise and a smooth fox terrier.

There were 2,721 entries in the 137th Westminster.