Springs City Employees To Be Allowed To Carry Guns At Work

Beginning Thursday, city employees in Colorado Springs will be able to take their guns to work if they want to, provided they have a concealed carry permit.

City Council passed the new rule Tuesday. It was proposed by Mayor Steve Bach in response to the major shootings that have happened in the U.S. over the past several months. Bach tells 11 News he wants city employees to be ready if a situation were to occur.

Additionally, Bach says he feels that if the average person can carry a gun into a city building, city employees should have the same right.

Bach acknowledges that he and his wife have their own concealed carry permit.

"I don't carry all the time, but I do when I think it is appropriate," Bach said.

There are some limitations to the new rule; besides being obligated to have a concealed weapons permit, employees will not be allowed to carry into a police station.