Park Maintenance, Evening Bus Service Among Priorities In 2013 Budget

Mayor Bach during an exclusive interview with reporter Patrick Nelson on July 12.

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach is submitting his version of the 2013 city budget to City Council Monday.

After nearly a year's worth of work, Bach and his staff believe they have put together a sound plan for what may be the most important budget in our city's history. Monday will be the first day for City Council to review it.

Bach says he is optimistic about the job his staff has done. With priority-based budgeting, he says the city will see more funds in areas citizens say we need it the most. Each city department had to prove why they needed the amount of funding they will get.

The budget includes seven key community benefits:

-Restoring the evening bus service
-Turning the remaining 3,500 streetlights back on
-Neighborhood health clinics
-Continued maintenance of neighborhood parks
-Storm water priorities funding
-Street priorities funding
-Strengthened public safety and enhanced code enforcement

Although the 2013 budget is ready, it may be awhile before it is finalized. Once it's in the hands of City Council, councilmembers will decide whether to move forward with the budget, or to veto the budget and ask the mayor to make some changes.