Springs City Council Postpones Recreational Marijuana Vote

Voters may have to wait until next April to have their voices heard about whether recreational marijuana should be allowed in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs City Council decided to leave a recreational pot question off the November ballot, saying it would cost too much.

The city isn't currently participating in the county's November election, and if they were to add a question to the ballot it could cost them between $450,000- $750,000.

According to state law, election costs must be split among each participating jurisdiction based on how many registered voters they have.

November's election is estimated to cost a total of $1,861,950, which includes ballot printing, envelopes, postage, personnel and other services.

Since Colorado Springs isn't involved in the November election, the city isn't paying anything for it.

"Since the city is already paying for an election in April, it costs them no more to add a question to that ballot. As a city taxpayer myself looking at the issue, it certainly saves money if you just combine things on an election you're already having," said Wayne Williams, the El Paso County clerk and recorder.

Springs city council will meet on August 11 to decide whether they will put the initiative in April's election or if they will leave it up to supporters to collect signatures to get the question on the ballot.