Springs City Council Passes Ban On Pot In City Buildings, Airport

Pot may be legal, but don't carry it with you if you enter a Colorado Springs city building or the airport.

The Colorado Springs City Council passed the ban Tuesday. The ban on city buildings even extends to bathrooms at city parks.

If you're caught carrying pot, and it's a first time offense, the marijuana could be confiscated and you could be looking at a $100 fine. That fine goes up to $500 if caught a second time.

People who spoke at the city council meeting were against the ban, but people 11 News talked to at the airport said they support it.

"There's places for everything, and I don't think that airports or other city places are appropriate for the kind of culture it brings," one person told 11 News.

Before city council passed the ban, they asked that jail time be removed from the penalties since marijuana is legal in Colorado.