Springs City Council to Vote on Banning Smoking in City Parks

Smokers may no longer be lighting up at many parks in Colorado Springs if the Parks and Recreation Department gets their way.

The department has asked the Colorado Springs City Council to ban smoking at local parks, citing fire danger and a growing littering problem as two leading concerns. The department says they are finding more and more cigarette butts on the ground at area parks.

The department also said they are also concerned about the health of non-smokers visiting the local parks.

Residents 11 News spoke with were split on the idea.

"It could be a fire hazard...everybody's all aware of it when we have a huge fire and then everybody goes back to bad habits," one woman told 11 News.

Others argue that prohibiting smoking is infringing on people's rights.

One resident told 11 News that outright taking smoking away was going too far, but that there could be room for compromise.

"With a smoking area I think it's feasible, I think it's fair."

If an ordinance were to pass, smoking would still be allowed in cemeteries and in designated areas set up within or near the parks.

City Council will hear a more in-depth plan in the coming days and vote on the issue in two weeks.