Spring Break Skiers Arrive To Avalanche Danger

A sign on Vail Mountain, in Vail, Colo., warns skiers of a closed area of the mountain in 2006. (AP Photo/Peter M. Fredin)

People come from all over to ski in Colorado during spring break. This week they're arriving to a serious warning about the threat of avalanches.

We've learned they are likely to be triggered right now, according to the Colorado Avalanche Center. Avalanche danger is now actually from new snow being blown onto older snow.

"These weak layers have just been sitting and lurking and waiting for a big load on top of them," a Center spokesperson says. "In the last month or so we've seen small storms and wind events and creating slabs of harder snow and this has produced these large avalanches."

That weak base layer will continue to be a problem - especially as we warm up towards the end of the week.