Spice Victim Reacts To Recent Spice Bust

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11 News talked to a Colorado Springs family who know about the dangers of Spice all too well.

11 News reporter Kristin Haubrich interviewed the Walker family last month, when their grandson was in a coma after he smoked the drug.

Nineteen-year-old Joshua Walker was in and out of a coma for about two weeks at Memorial Hospital. He's home now, but he still has to see a doctor, as the long-term effects from the drug aren't clear.

“I blacked out, and didn't remember anything until I woke up in the ICU with tubes down my throat and oxygen,” Joshua explained.

Joshua tried Spice because, like many teens, he admits he was curious.

“In the moment it seemed awesome, like the cool thing to do, but for some of us that wasn't the case.”

He now regrets smoking Spice that night. It gave his family and grandfather quite the scare. Joshua was hospitalized for a month, and his family didn't know if he would ever come out of the coma.

"He seems like he's in good health now. Like I said, he's one of the lucky ones,” grandfather Kendall Walker said.

“Just don't do Spice because that really hurts you,” Joshua urged.

Kendall says the two major Spice busts in the past two weeks in Colorado Springs are a good start. He hopes police can continue to get the dangerous drug off the street.

Over the past year, at least three deaths in Colorado have been linked to Spice.