Court Documents Shed More Light Into Latest "Spice" Bust

Cynthia Sinclair, accused of selling "Spice." (Credit: CSPD)
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Court documents obtained by 11 News reveal new details about the latest "Spice" bust in Colorado Springs.

So far, one employee at the B Street Smoke Shop has been arrested for allegedly selling the synthetic marijuana. Springs police say that after the DA review is done, more people may be arrested.

Police say undercover agents repeatedly bought suspected Spice from the shop, which enabled authorities to get a search warrant.

According to court documents, when agents asked for Spice, the clerk pulled it out of a plastic bin from under the counter and said that they were keeping the Spice "on the way down low."

Documents go on to say that the clerk offered several different types of Spice, and told an undercover officer that one type was twice as good as the other.

Spice officers bought from the store was tested at the Metro Forensic Crime Laboratory. It tested positive for a chemical analog of synthetic marijuana. That means the chemical structure is similar to a controlled substance that is illegal under Colorado state law.

After getting a positive confirmation, SWAT officers with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office seized 69.28 grams of suspected the synthetic marijuana, along with $578.00. The bust happened just after 10:30 a.m. October 28.

Cynthia Sinclair, 56, was arrested on felony charges for allegedly selling the Spice.