Southern Colorado Heats Up Again Today

Monday we set a new record in Colorado Springs. How is this heat affecting residents?

We called hospitals in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, and as of last night, no one had anyone admitted because of problems with the heat.

We talked to an ER physician and said that this is the time of year they see a lot of people admitted with heat related issues because people have acclimated to warmer temps yet. "First thing people need to remember is its summer," says George Hertner, MD. "We went from cold last week to blazing hot."

Children and elderly people are most at risk to have heat related issues.

"They need to remember you have to drink fluids, you need to take care of your outside activities in the morning or late in the afternoon or in the evening, stay out of the heat of the sun, wear your sunblock," Hertner cautions.

Some people were out enjoying the weather, but also taking precautions. We spoke with one woman at Memorial Park with a group of children. "[I'm] Keeping them so they're not dehydrated," said Reba Williams. "[And] sun screen- lots of it."

Tuesday will be another scorcher in southern Colorado. Take care to stay hydrated and stay out of the sun for long periods of time - if possible.

Penrose Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center shared these signs of heat stroke to be aware of if you have to be out in the sun today: Fever, odd behavior, confusion, dry hot and red skin, shallow breathing and a weak pulse. If you think you are suffering from heat stroke - call 911.