Del Rio Named Bronco's Interim Head Coach

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Jack Del Rio is officially the Bronco's interim head coach, that's according to our sister station in Denver.

Del Rio will also reportedly continue to make defensive calls.

He'll be filling in while John Fox undergoes and recovers from aortic valve replacement surgery. Fox is expected to miss several weeks.

Our sister station in Denver reports that Fox knew about his heart condition, and was planning to have the operation in February. He met with his cardiologist in North Carolina over the Broncos bye week. His doctor told him to seek medical attention right away if he felt any discomfort.

Fox was at a golf course in Charlotte Saturday when he began feeling light-headed. The Broncos say he didn't have a heart attack, but after testing revealed that surgery could not be putt off any longer.

The Broncos are on a bye week this week.

John Fox