Some Offended by Local Gun Range Owner's Remark

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A lot of people are talking about remarks made by a local gun range owner. Some of you say it's controversial.

On Saturday, 11 News covered the ground breaking for The Magnum Shooting Center. They are set to open a new range in the north part of Colorado Springs this fall. The Gazette was also at the ground breaking and they interviewed the owner.

Here's what co-owner Gary Erickson said in the article:

"We want to get the ladies on the north end of town packing a gun and proficient (to) let all the crooks down south know they can stay down there.”

11 News talked to one woman who lives on the south side of Colorado Springs. She says his comment is a slap in the face and she won't step foot in his new gun range.

β€œTo make a comment and try to divide us all I feel like that is the worst thing that's ever been said this morning and I am offended by it,” Elizabeth McCowen said.

11 News called The Magnum Shooting Center and left a message for Erickson.

To the people who complained on the Magnum Shooting Center's Facebook page, they apologized for any offense the comment caused. They say the founding members of Magnum love this community, north, south, east and west.